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Razmataz is a dingbats analog of the Microsoft font Wingdings. It was created for projects that required a broader font license for symbols and strange characters that were commonly used in Microsoft Word.

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Gizmonda is a font inspired by the look of the text used in the early 1920s, specifically that of the Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha. Gismonda was the name of a play that he did the poster for. It was one of his earliest works and this font is a tribute to his style of lettering.


This is a display font that is derived from the font Berlin Sans. All the letters are reworked from scratch but with much cleaner lines and shapes. Some letters are reworked entirely. The finished product has a larger character set and more font-weights than it’s predecessor. The name Mossehaus is taken from a famous architectural building in Berlin from the 1920s.


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